Service and Quality Assurance

Electrical_Safety_testingOur commitment to quality begins with our very selective sourcing process, and then envelopes subsequent transport and storage process until the equipment arrives the country.

All biomedical equipment we supply undergo extensive electrical safety quality check, full functionality testing and preventive maintenance before delivery. Most equipment are supplied patient ready.

Warranty is provided for each piece of equipment.

However, our service commitment does not end with the warranty period. We offer flexible service agreements that can be tailored to your needs. Services are performed by qualified in-house and service-provider biomedical technicians equipped with high-tech test equipment and calibration instruments.

Be careful where you buy your equipment from

The biomedical equipment industry in the Philippines is plagued with many second-hand dealers who can be considered “shifty operators”, passing on to customers equipment assembled from “chop-chops”. Sometimes, they even substitute locally fabricated components and stamp them like original parts.

Others recycle equipment that are far too old or practically junks to be reliable and safe to use. Their concern is mainly sell, sell and sell.
On the other hand, you will find some exclusive distributors of brand-new equipment who charge prohibitive prices for parts and service once the equipment warranty runs out. (Once we encountered a distributor charging three times the market price for replacement defibrillator batteries!)

What makes Globequipt different

We differentiate ourselves from other suppliers of second hand equipment through professionalism, customer-focus, quality of equipment, technical support and after-sales service.

Our sourcing strategy enables us to bring you equipment that are generally newer than most other refurbished equipment that you can find in the local market and with original components.

When your brand-new equipment runs out of warranty, we will also be happy to assist you in maintaining and servicing them at more reasonable costs.