DGM MZ-75 Medical Waste Sterilizer

DGM-Z-40-Medical-Waste-SterilizerDGM MZ 75 medical waste sterilizer is ideal for treatment of small and medium quantities of medical waste. It is a vertical steam sterilizer with 80-liter chamber. They are used in all medical departments which need to process small and medium volumes of medical waste safely and on site. This vessel is automatic controlled sterilizer manufactured in accordance with the specifications of the authorities in your country, and meet the world`s toughest standards of quality and safety. They are created to reduce energy and water consumption and thanks to their functional design they are quite user friendly

Technical Data




 Overall dimension (W x H x D)  mm  735 x 1145 x 1000
 Chamber usable volume  lt  80
 Volume Feed water tank  lt  30
 Weight (netto)  kg  230
                               Maximum  Load: 
 Instruments  kg   30
 Textiles  kg  17
 Liquids  kg  21
 Maximum allowable pressure (PS)  bar  2,8
 Maximum allowable temperature (TS)    142
                                 Power supply: 
 Voltage  V/Hz  380/50
 Working power  kW  7