Batteries, Sensors and Accessories

Master Instruments

Master Instruments is the largest biomedical battery manufacturer in Australia, supplying batteries for most common types and makes of biomedical equipment. Master Instruments batteries are known for their quality, reliability, performance and very competitive prices.

For life-support equipment (like defibrillators, patient monitors, pulse oximeters, ventilators and infusion pumps) sub-standard batteries could spell disaster. Cheap batteries from back-yard manufacturers can cost you a lot more money in the end. So always specify Master Instruments batteries – distributed in the Philippines by Globequipt Corporation.



Globequipt is proud to be a distributor of EnviteC medical sensors. EnviteC is a Honeywell company based in Germany.

SpO2 Sensors

EnviteC is one of world’s leading manufacturers of SpO2 sensors of various types compatible with the most popular brands of pulse oximeters used today, such as: BCI, CSI, Critikon, Datascope, Datex, HP-Philips, Marquette, Nellcor, Nihon Kohden, Nonin, Novametrix, Ohmeda, Odam, Siemens, Spacelabs, S&W and many more.

EnviteC ME2® SpO2 finger clip sensors are built to highest quality standards, with cables using top quality alloy conductors with KEVLAR reinforcement fibers. Thus, EnviteC sensors are not only high-accurate and fast-sensing but also very durable.

In addition to finger-tip sensors, EnviteC also makes SoftTip rubber finger sensors, ear sensors, wrap sensors and disposable sensors. Also available are SpO2 extension cables for widely-used pulse oximeters and patient monitors.


Oxygen Sensors

EnviteC OOM series electro-chemical medical oxygen sensors meet the high quality standards required for anesthesia machines, incubators, ventilators and oxygen monitors.

The sensors are designed for optimum performance under specific medical conditions and according to the high safety standards required in surgery, emergency medicine and neonatology.

Temperature Probes

EnviteC also manufactures the following types of medical temperature sensors:

  • Skin Probes: YSI 400 – compatible reusable probes for neonatal, pediatric and adult applications.
  • Esophageal/Rectal Probes – for neonatal, pediatric and adult applications

ECG Cables, NIBP Cuffs, Medical Bulbs & Other Accessories

To help keep your operating lights going, we stock high-quality halogen bulbs. For patient monitors, we stock ECG cables and leads, as well as NIBP cuffs and hoses. Indeed, those are just examples of supplies and accessories that we can help you with – at very competitive prices.


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